Excellence Is Our Profession

“Excellence guides us professional women in everything we do: tired of wrinkled documents, 

unfindable keys and business cards, and – in general – of the ‘sack-bags’ never entirely suitable 

to the thousand professional and personal life’s commitments, I wanted to create luxury handbags 

which could live up to our very high standards and expectations.

I dedicate the Studio Tondini handbags to all of us who always aim for the best, overcoming 

ourselves day by day, regardless of where we are in our career path – wishing that these 

handbags can contribute, even a little, to our success.”

Savoir Faire, Savoir Vivre, Savoir Choisir

All Studio Tondini products are handcrafted in Italy and born from the visionary mind of our founder, Roberta Tondini. A woman of innate elegance, passionate and resolute, who in her creations has included personal dreams and ambitions and those of her friends who share this extraordinary journey with her.

Luxury, prestige and functionality finally together in a single brand, pioneer of the luxury fashion world, Studio Tondini.

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