Born in Switzerland, Manufactured in Italy, 


“The professional bag of my dreams was well organized, spacious, of impeccable quality and luxurious. Though having lived in some of the global fashion capitals, I never found it. This led me to first start to design such bag in 2015, and later implement it in 2019-2020.

I now wish to share it with you as a precious work instrument, symbol of a style being profoundly Italian as well as cosmopolitan at the same time”.

Roberta – Founder of Studio Tondini and Attorney-at-law

Timeless Beauty


True beauty remains unaltered overtime. This is why we decided to accompany our strong Italian DNA with our wealth of international experiences.

Beauty, in all forms, is our inspiration used to generate unique handbags that are made to not only make you feel beautiful but to support social projects and have a continual significant impact.

Studio Tondini safeguards the know-how of the Italian leather artisans and is committed to produce handbags in Italy, of their components, and their packaging. However, our bags have a strong Swiss background as well and bring about meticulous attention to the functional needs of our customers, much like that of a Swiss army knife.