A Sustainability which goes Beyond...

Our Social Projects

Each Studio Tondini bag wishes to be of concrete support to women: hence, we intend to be part of the restricted circle of luxury brands contributing to big social projects.

The first of these projects is Days for Girls, a US nonprofit having a global presence, which spreads knowledge on menstrual health and provides reusable menstrual care kits.

The objective is to guarantee a fundamental need: that of education, which many girls around the world - everywhere globally - are endangered of being deprived just when their adult life starts.

With the purchase of Studio Tondini’s products you will be directly contributing to the donation of sanitary kits to one or more girls around the world, who will then have the chance of becoming tomorrow’s professionals.

To discover more, please visit the website: https://www.daysforgirls.org/our-mission/

Our Products' Values

The Future Changes Skin

It is known that real leather constitutes an expression of timeless luxury and that, as waste from the food industry, it is intrinsically characterised by a certain degree of sustainability.

From another perspective, what many nowadays know as “fake leather” is mostly derived from oil - product of the #1 polluting industry worldwide - hence not really ecological.

Studio Tondini intends to offer alternatives to real leather which can be dramatically eco-sustainable with the intention of proposing over time an increasingly respectful approach towards the planet and the creatures inhabiting it, without renouncing to the pleasure of an excellent product.

This process has already started: follow us!